Sunday, July 18, 2010

The League of Freaks

"The League of Freaks and the Secret Key" is now available for purchase at

You can also buy a copy directly through the "League of Freaks" website using PayPal.

Both the book and website were designed and illustrated by Kim Wagner Designs.

"Embrace your differences. That's what Shree Mandvi's father is always telling her. If only he knew just how different she really is. It's not being an Indian-American from the Bronx that makes Shree stand out at her new school. It's turning into a bee that does. And if that wasn't weird enough, Shree also discovers a map-filled book from the 1600s claiming that there's hidden treasure-and a mysterious secret key-lost somewhere under the campus of Harvard University. With the help of four freaky new friends, Shree must race to solve an ancient riddle. If she succeeds, she will unlock the final door that leads not only to the treasure-but perhaps to death as well. Can she summon her powers in time to save herself and her friends?"

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