Monday, November 30, 2015

Nepal Earthquake Update #3

I received mind-blowing news this morning. The donations and packages sent to Nepal have gotten the attention of their President and made it into the newspapers. Because of all of you who donated, a free health camp has been set up in the Sindhupalchowk District where they are distributing free prescription medications and giving free check-ups. The clothes and blankets have also been distributed to those in need. What started out as just a small act of kindness, some money and old clothes, has saved so many lives that it's made national news in Nepal. What means little to us means everything to them. 
My friend in Kathmandu sent me this email to share with you, "Happy!! Happy!! Happy!! Thank you and your friends. I'm grateful. I'm lucky!"
I am overjoyed. Thank you to all who donated.
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