Saturday, March 31, 2018

Discovery Museum Water Gallery

The Discovery Museums in Acton, Massachusetts were recently renovated to combine both of the original museums into one beautiful redesigned space now called the Discovery Museum. 
They have created new and reimagined immersive STEAM 
exhibit spaces for all ages. 
I had the opportunity to design some environmental graphics
 for a couple of the new galleries.
 These are pictures from the Water gallery where I designed
some fun little wall graphics.

The Water Gallery is an immersive experience where children can explore the properties of water using all of their senses.

Since the water gallery is adjacent to the sound gallery, we played with onomatopoeia to create some watery sounding words.

I paired each word with a corresponding water picture such as
 Slosh, Splash, and Ripple shown above.

I created five signs altogether: Splash, Drip, Ripple, Bubble, and Slosh to go along with the exhibit components.

Also, be sure not to miss da Vinci Workshop when you're visiting the Discovery Museum. I contributed art and environmental graphics to this really cool space where you can get creative and tinker.