Friday, February 17, 2017

The Mystical Arts of Tibet

The Mystical Arts of Tibet - Mandala Sand Painting

This past weekend I attended the annual ArtsFest in Stuart, Florida which took place in Downtown Stuart Memorial Park. After visiting all of the booths, I decided to go to the Quilt exhibit at the Court House Cultural Center which is also located right in Memorial Park. I wanted to share with you this fascinating mandala sand painting exhibit that was going on simultaneously in the gallery. I watched the Tibetan Monks as they painstakingly laid millions of grains of colored sand to create the mandala. The patience and detail required by all the monks to work together to create the final piece was both impressive and mesmerizing.

                                                             Watch with sound ON

The final result of all that patience and precision culminates with a unique and exquisite work of art that is then wiped away and destroyed by the monks in a closing ceremony. This is a traveling exhibit so even though you can no longer see it this gallery, make sure you do if it comes to a town near you. It was a really beautiful process to experience.