Places Visited

This is a map of all the states and territories I've visited (or lived) in the United States as well as the Caribbean, Canada and Mexico. I have a goal of visiting all 50 states. So far I've been to...

The full list of States (click highlighted states to go to posts):
1. New York, 2. New Jersey, 3. Connecticut, 4. Rhode Island, 5. Massachusetts, 6. Vermont, 7. New Hampshire, 8.Pennsylvania, 9. Delaware, 10. Virginia, 11. North Carolina,12.South Carolina, 13. Georgia, 14. Florida, 15. Tennessee, 16. Illinois, 17. Ohio, 18. Minnesota, 19.Michigan, 20. Wisconsin, 21. Texas, 22. Colorado, 23. Nevada, 24. California, 25. Maryland, 26. Hawaii
27. Arizona  28. Alabama 29. Mississippi 30. Louisiana PLUS Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. (not  states but I'm counting them as #31 and #32 anyway!)

This is a map of all the other foreign countries I've visited so far. Airport layovers don't count as countries visited (although I really enjoyed Singapore International Airport. Pure luxury.) A stamp in the passport is required!

The full list of Countries:
Ireland (5 times)
Canada (2 times)
Dominican Republic
South Africa (3 times)
Swaziland (2 times)
New Zealand (2 times)

Where should I go to next? Please use the comment 
box below to leave your suggestions : )

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