Friday, April 14, 2017

United Airlines in the news again!

In case you haven't watched the news or youtube or gone on social media or spoken to another human in the past week, United Airlines is the topic of conversation again and not for a good reason. They forcefully dragged a 69-year-old man named Dr. David Dao off of one of their flights because they needed the seat for one of their crew members. He was a paying customer who was already seated on the plane and did not want to voluntarily give up his seat so they had airport security violently remove him from the plane. I'm not happy that this happened to this man but I'm not at all surprised (and maybe feeling a bit smug) after my personal experience with flying United. You can read my post about it here: United Airlines

My experience with this airline was abysmal from start to finish. Every single department had horrible customer service to the point where it seems that they train their employees to be purposefully rude and obnoxious to their customers.

I choose to no longer give them my money and will fly with other airlines even if they are the cheaper option. In two weeks I'll be flying to New York on Delta which I've had my gripes with in the past but they've really made the effort to turn things around and become a decent airline. After flying around the world several times on more airlines than I can count, I can say with absolute certainty that United is the worst of the worst and I'm pretty sure Dr. Dao would agree with me.

United passenger dragged from plane has concussion, broken nose: lawyer | Reuters 

United faces more questions as dragged passenger hires high-powered attorney - Chicago Tribune

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