Monday, January 21, 2008

AnodizedArt for exhibit graphics

AnodizedArt (also known as AluImage) anodized aluminum graphics are a great alternative to typical phenolic or vinyl graphics.

AnodizedArt is a high-resolution graphic image embedded in aluminum. Graphics can be printed as large as 3' x 3' and larger murals can be tiled together. Like phenolic, it's grease, scuff, wind, sand, graffiti, and UV resistant but the color is more vibrant and the cost is more affordable. 

Another great product is Aluminarte. Recommended for indoor applications, this product is even more affordable than the anodized graphics and can be printed on a variety of substrates including aluminum, steel, wood, and plastic. Unlike the AnodizedArt, Aluminarte can print white and with a high gloss finish looks very much like porcelain.

The best part about choosing this product was working with the staff at AnodizedArt. President, Douglas Funderburk was a pleasure to work with and always follows up to make sure that you are satisfied. So if you want graphics that will outlast vinyl without the high expense and faded look of phenolic then I would recommend giving AnodizedArt or Aluminarte a try.

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