New for Spring

I've been busy updating my store with some fresh new listings for Spring. Now you can save money when you purchase my most popular illustrations as sets. You'll save 10% and receive a combined shipping discount! This promotion is available exclusively through my store StudioKWN.
These print sets are great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, Mother's Day, housewarming or just a great way to spruce up your home decor. To purchase or find out more information just click on the link below each image.

I've also added some new photography to the shop. These are some photos I took on my most recent adventures. Freshen up your home decor by adding some new art to the walls. I'll be updating the store with even more prints and photos in the coming weeks so be sure to visit often.

Tearing Down To Move Forward

Change is good and New Orleans is taking steps toward a more positive future by tearing down four prominent Confederate statues honoring white supremacists. The first statue, an obelisk honoring members of the Crescent City White League who killed the members of the city's post-Civil War integrated police force, was removed yesterday, April 24th, 2017.

In the next few days, statues commemorating Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard as well as Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy will possibly be moved to a museum although their final destination has yet to be determined.

A few months back I wrote a post about my visit to Beauvoir, the former home of Jefferson Davis which is now a National Historic Landmark and museum. Davis's wife left the homestead to the Sons of the Confederacy so it's not government owned property. However, when the original home was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina, they were granted federal funding from FEMA and given donations to rebuild while thousands in Mississippi were left homeless. If you read my post, I think you'll be able to surmise that I would have preferred they let it crumble to the ground and maybe even replace that memorial to our country's hateful past with something that can instill hope and positivity in people. 

There's still an estimated 700 Confederate statues or monuments installed in public places throughout the United States. How about we follow New Orleans's lead and tear them down. Why not support local artists by commissioning new street art and replace them with statues of historical figures who brought about positive change in this country like Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks? 

A great example of a city that is supporting art with positive messages is New York. The "Fearless Girl" statue was installed facing the famous Wall Street Bull statue on on March 7, 2017-the day before International Women's Day. The statue which was created by Kristen Visbal was only meant to be a temporary installation but there was such an outpouring of positive support for the "Fearless Girl" that its permit was extended from one month to a full year. 

We can't erase the past and people will certainly not forget but we can determine how we act in the present and moving into the future. I personally would prefer that future be filled with art that makes me feel happy.

United Airlines in the news again!

In case you haven't watched the news or youtube or gone on social media or spoken to another human in the past week, United Airlines is the topic of conversation again and not for a good reason. They forcefully dragged a 69 year old man named Dr. David Dao off of one of their flights because they needed the seat for one of their crew members. He was a paying customer who was already seated on the plane and did not want to voluntarily give up his seat so they had airport security violently remove him from the plane. I'm not happy that this happened to this man but I'm not at all surprised (and maybe feeling a bit smug) after my personal experience with flying United. You can read my post about it here: United Airlines

My experience with this airline was abysmal from start to finish. Every single department had horrible customer service to the point where it seems that they train their employees to be purposefully rude and obnoxious to their customers.

I choose to no longer give them my money and will fly with other airlines even if they are the cheaper option. In two weeks I'll be flying to New York on Delta which I've had my gripes with in the past but they've really made the effort to turn things around and become a decent airline. After flying around the world several times on more airlines than I can count, I can say with absolute certainty that United is the worst of the worst and I'm pretty sure Dr. Dao would agree with me.

United passenger dragged from plane has concussion, broken nose: lawyer | Reuters 

United faces more questions as dragged passenger hires high-powered attorney - Chicago Tribune

New Work

It's been a very long time since I've updated this site with any of my personal work. Finally, a long overdue feature of some of my most recent artwork. To find out more information about a piece or to purchase a print simply click on the "More info..." link in the item's caption.
black and white astronaut illustration
This is a digital illustration I created of an astronaut. Prints are available in sizes 8x8 and 10x10 inches. More info...
Pop art style astronaut illustration by Kim W. Nolan
 I had some fun with color, taking the black and white version and making a pop art style print. 
Also available in 8x8 and 10x10 inches. More info...

Bird silhouette wall art by Kim W. Nolan
I created this series of bird silhouettes using a combination of both digital photography and illustration. More info...
Butterfly silhouette wall art by Kim W. Nolan
I decided to use the same process to create this lovely butterfly. You can purchase each one separately or buy them all and display them as a group. More info...

Love heart art print by Kim W. Nolan
This is a pastel drawing I made in celebration of Valentine's Day but the sentiment works the same for engagements, anniversaries, weddings or any expression of love. More info...

Painting of Emperor penguin with penguin chicks under an arctic night sky with aurora borealis by Kim W. Nolan
I just finished this one. This imaginary scene popped into my head one day and I just had to paint it. I created it using a compilation of different images for reference and inspiration. More info...

Woody car and Kombi mixed media art by Kim W. Nolan
I added this mixed-media painting of a Woody Wagon to my Road Trip series. 
I'm hoping to add another painting to this series soon. More info...

Dog Cat and Mouse chase watercolor paintings by Kim W. Nolan

This adorable little mouse was the last piece in this series of paintings I call, "The Chase." The dog, cat and mouse are each sold as separate prints. They work well alone or purchased as a set. More info...
Toy robot colored pencil drawing by Kim W. Nolan
I really enjoyed drawing this toy robot. Sometimes I like to switch things up and put down the paint brushes so I used colored pencils to create this image. More info...

Rubber ducky colored pencil drawing by Kim W. Nolan
Here's a process shot of another colored pencil drawing I did of a rubber duck. More info...

Bear painting Wolf painting Deer painting Woodland creature series watercolor wall art by Kim W. Nolan
Back to watercolor painting here. I added a wolf and a deer to my woodland creature series. 

World map watercolor painting in blue, purple, and pink by Kim W. Nolan
I love to travel. I love to paint and I paint what I love. Here's a print of my watercolor world map for my fellow nomads who've caught the wanderlust bug. More info...

The Mystical Arts of Tibet

The Mystical Arts of Tibet - Mandala Sand Painting

This past weekend I attended the annual ArtsFest in Stuart, Florida which took place in Downtown Stuart Memorial Park. After visiting all of the booths, I decided to go to the Quilt exhibit at the Court House Cultural Center which is also located right in Memorial Park. I wanted to share with you this fascinating mandala sand painting exhibit that was going on simultaneously in the gallery. I watched the Tibetan Monks as they painstakingly laid millions of grains of colored sand to create the mandala. The patience and detail required by all the monks to work together to create the final piece was both impressive and mesmerizing.

                                                             Watch with sound ON

The final result of all that patience and precision culminates with a unique and exquisite work of art that is then wiped away and destroyed by the monks in a closing ceremony. This is a traveling exhibit so even though you can no longer see it a this gallery, make sure you do if it comes to a town near you. It was a really beautiful process to experience.